Vacuum Treatment


Vacuum Treatment Massage—VTM is part of a amassing NEW approach for Fractal Balance of the Human bodies

This kind of treatment is rejuvenating your body. The old muscle tissue is penetrated with a strong collagen network, destroying the normal elasticity of the muscles. This is the reason the pain and the rigidity in the muscles.

We have effective solution—we cut this network and repair the muscles and all tissues around.

VTM, we partner with Franchise Owners who were made for more. Our appeal lies in our commitment to service excellence and caring for the health and well-being of every life we touch. VTM utilizes a proven business model of membership-based services, which makes regular massage services accessible and affordable for a broad cross-section of people and allows Franchise Owners to better anticipate sales and expenses. This consistency in financials, in turn, contributes to consistency in customer service, so Guests can receive the highest-quality experience every visit.



Our VTM Franchise Elevates the Everyday

Massage therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States and Canada, according to recent IBIS World reports, and it continues to grow rapidly. VTM Massage is a newest in this movement, and innovated the best practice from all over the world. Thanks to an increase of the needs of this treatment in Europe we expect all people in stress, sportsmen, ladies worried of cellulitis, everyone from stay-at-home moms to business professionals to active seniors are searching for ways to incorporate massage therapy into their lifestyles.


Quick results

After the first 3 procedure all is going on

Thanks to the special combinations:

Devices, developed in the best medical producers in Switzerland, special natural essential oils liquids and methods we have

extremely quick result.

Thanks to that facts we have very high productivity and have opportunity.

We have 100% success!


The Method

Vacuum Treatment Massage

This method is designed in the leading European Medical universities and laboratories and combined the best experience, methodology, materials and technical devices to make the back muscles normal in very short time.

This method is:

2-10 times

More effective than the all popular methods for all back muscles problems.