In order to have adequate treatment, a correct diagnosis and control of the process is required.
We choose harmless methods of diagnosis. The combination of ancient, tried and tested methods of diagnostics such as: pulse, palpation, vision, and iridology. we combine with functionally significant registrations by thermal imaging. Special software gives accurate body information, measured at tenths of a hundredths of degrees, and shows in seconds what’s going on inside the body. By measuring the temperature of the surface, indirectly we can judge the blood circulation and the metabolism (the metabolic processes) in the tissue.
Photos show areas that are elevated or decreased above normal temperature, and this usually correlates with acute and chronic processes, and after a proper interpretation, a healing strategy is developed.
Thermal imaging has shown that degenerative cells are found in the mammary gland in women at a much earlier stage than conventional diagnostic methods.
Thermal vision can monitor the functional condition of the body during exercise, and this may indicate the athlete’s fitness for training tolerance and fitness.