Fractal Medicine

Nature’s phenomena can be explained in a very complex way, yet it is unclear what’s going on, why it’s happening and what to do.
Nature is very sparing of approaches from a biological point of view, and when we look at man from a medical point of view with Fractal Theory, we can explain phenomena and forms not resolved by other scientific theories.
The main postulates in Fractal Theory in Medicine are:
First Principle: All impacts are fractalised (the different parts of the figure are transmitted: in its different scales and scales).
Second principle: All impacts diminish in distance and scale
On the basis of these simple principles, our bodies are built and on the basis of them we adapt to nature and this principle produces diseases. Hence the important conclusion that treatment can be done on this basis.
Extremely simple is the construction of a healing strategy when there is a scheme and it is clear how the healing methods work.
The educational strategies and the healing approaches have provided exactly this scheme of work, based on the fractal medical theory.
Dr. Encho Enev for the first time formulated the scheme, the principles, the ways of impact.
For the first time, scientific empirical techniques such as acupuncture and homeopathy are put on scientific grounds. Algorithms for diagnosis, strategies and effective treatment are offered.